Want to run three monitors for my office, no gaming


I'm sorry for the elementary question but I don't even know what to search for.

I'm trying to run 3 monitors for my business, there will be zero gaming.

I recently picked up three acer v193w(vga only) on craigslist and I want to pair them with my retired home PC an HP a6120n(vista home premium, Intel ® Graphics Media Accelerator 950).

As you can tell this is a budget minded operation and I don't need high performance just reliable performance to view different things on different monitors i.e. spreadsheets, email, web, pdf viewing.

So my question how can I accomplish this without breaking the bank? Can I use my onboard video card and pair it with an addtional card?
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  1. This will be hard.

    No you cant use ur onboard card.. not like u want it to. What u need is a video card which is powerful enough to support 3 displays, or two different graphic cards, but i doubt that will suit u. Those powerful cards are in existense but arent cheap. Their basicly cards with 2 graphic chips in them. It will be something like ATI HDxxxx X2.


    Good luck
  2. If I were to do something like you suggested(which isn't available btw) would I have to upgrade my power supply?

    Why would two different graphic cards suit me?
  3. NO!, do NOT listen to boldor, that is just a horrible horrible HORRIBLE choice!!! dear god!!
    how can you recommend dual GAMING GPU setup on someone who clearly state he will be using this for his business and NO GAMES!! for **** sakes!

    here, check these 2 solutions out:
    AMD Firepro 2xxx series Multiview
    this card is perfect for business use and specifically designed to support multi-monitor setup like the one you have, and at a low power consumption of only 13W!!! compared to the 150W!! power hungry demon of 3870x2 he suggested.

    for the nvidia side, you can also check out their Nvidia Quadro NVS cards:
    I recommend the Nvidia Quadro NVS 295, as it is passive cooling with power consumption of just 23W
    all will suit your needs, as these cards are designed for the situation you described, these professional business graphic cards will provide multi-screen support, acceleration in business applications, and best of all, they are passive cooling with very low heat, no noise! and minimal power consumption, which means they are suitable for 24/7 operation and you won't have to scream at your hydro bills.
  4. Cheap PCIEx16 + Cheap PCI card should do it just fine.
  5. Quote:
    Cheap PCIEx16 + Cheap PCI card should do it just fine.

    please make some suggestions for me
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  7. Quote:
    You could take advantage of ATI's Eyefinity technology, so a cheap ATI 5450 combined with both a DVI->VGA adapter and an active DisplayPort to VGA adapter should work fine.

    POWERCOLOR Go! Green AX5450 512MD2-SD Radeon HD 5450 512MB 64-bit DDR2 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card w/ Eyefinity $44.99 [...] 549-3.html [...] ngles.aspx

    Accell UltraAV B101B-003B Display Port with VGA Active Adapter $24.99

    SAPPHIRE DVI to VGA adapter for Twin-View video cards Model DVI-2-VGA - OEM $2.99

    This sounds like a great solution to me but can I use this card with the 1 PCI-E x16 slot?

    And I would only need the adapters plus the SINGLE graphics card right?
  8. Yes, the GPU will work in your PCI-E x16 slot. If you use the adapters you will only need a single GPU to power all three monitors. Not a bad deal for $73 including the GPU and both adapters. :)

    Just read up a little on AMD's Eyefinity technology.
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