Help Can't See Network!

Hello everyone please help. Im currently using a Wireless N Networking card
Here is a link to the exact card <>

When i install card it only detects non-Secured networks.
It will not detect my secured network or anyone elses. PLEASe help??
Using NetGear Router Supports B\G\N Networks

Running windows 7 64bit
4 Gigs Dual Channel
800Watt Power Supply
Amd Athlon 64bit X2 4000+
9600Gt 1gig SLI Mode (X2)
not sure if that matters but if you need to know
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  1. Have you tried turning off wireless security in the router temporarily and see if it can be detected and connected to by the N card ?
  2. yes i turned off all the security and my card will detect and connect to it.
    when i turn it back on it cant
    Any help? i dont want a wireless n unsecured
  3. Check that you are setting the router (and the wireless adapter) to WPA PSK TKIP which is the most widely supported system.

    Check the wireless mode in the router -- I'd go for mixed mode, but experiment.
  4. What OS are you using ? If XP , find your wireless card in Network connections , right click and select " properties " then click on the centre tab ( wireless networks ) then on the " advanced " tab , make sure that connect to non preferred networks isn't ticked and that " connect to Access point ( infrastructure mode ) is selected.

    Change the wireless security to WPA2 for the best results with 802.11n hardware .

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