Best sub $100 MB for my AMD Phenom II X6 Six-Core Processor 1090T?

Best bang for the buck? I can't decide. I like that some come with a built in GPU, that would be nice, just because then if I want to run a quiet system, I can disable/remove my Nvidia GPU.

Here is my 1st choice:

This one I know little about, but has good reviews:

Finally, this one doesn't have the built in GPU, but it is cheaper and has some nice features:

Please help me make up my mind, or suggest an alternative.

I don't need SLI. The more USB, the better, but anything over 4 is fine. Built in GPU is a bonus, not a requirement. USB 3.0 is a bonus. 6gb sata is a bonus. Reliability, correct interfacing with GSkill 4gbx2 DDR3 1600 OC required.

Thanks for any help!
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    This would be my choice if Crossfire was in the picture
    Then the MSI one from Newegg is good if you are planning a single discrete GPU!
    Really cheap or with an IGP
  2. Well, I instead went with an Intel i5 2500k and an MSI MB. Ended up spending about $50 more than I planned to, but I feel a lot better about it.
  3. Not a bad choice enjoy!
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