Urgent: Help needed.

hi guys, i need urgent help.. i'm kind of getting my system parts in 6hrs time from now.. i wish to do some last min confirmation with you guys cos i trust ur opinions.

this is my first build and i was thinking of it being a reasonably good computer that will easily handle fps games and hd movies. i will do a slight overclocking to i guess abt 3.8 hopefully.. and i have a 3rd party cpu cooler the corsair ad50.. i do not render movies or things as such.. so mainly its for movies and games.... i live in singapore but i do read up on this thread very often.. i hope u guys can help me.. thing is the memory and psu was recommended to me by the vendor and i wish to confirm if his choice is the best. and if my setup is ok?. all opinions will be greatly appreciated.

mobo: asus m4a87td usb3.0

cpu: phenom ii x4 965 C2 stepping

graphics card: sapphire hd5850

hdd: seagate barracuda 7200.12 1tb 2 platter

psu: silverstone 500w st50

case: coolermaster 430

memory: patriot amd black edition ddr3 1600 cl7 4gb kit

monitor: samsung b2330h 23' lcd

firstly i wish to enquire,
since only the c2 stepping amd965 is available in my country, would it be better to go with the 955 instead? cos i heard that there's no difference and 955 is more stable?

is my ram good enuf for my use? i've never quite heard of the patriot brand name so i wish to be enlightened. i originally wanted the ocz fatality cl7 4gb kit but its currently out of stock.

i wanted to go with the xfx 5870 1gb icoolerV graphics card but i fear that my setup will bottle neck the graphic card. any opinions? here the sapphire 5850 is quoted at $415SGD and the xfx 5870 icoolerV at $589. so the 5870 is abt 142% of the 5850 pricing.. is it worth it? cos i dun intend to go on crossfire..

is my psu wattage and brandname trustworthy?

lastly, would my setup fit well with each other? as in all the parts are suitable and will not bottleneck each other? and would it fit my needs of gaming crysis, l4d2, mw2 etc kind of games? my budget is pretty alright i think, but i dun have money to burn.. so thats why i'm hesitating on the xfx 5870.. do give me your opinions..

hope to see some great opinions to correct me if i'm wrong before purchasing..

thanks you so much..
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  1. anyone? someone?
  2. First: I would go with the X4 955 over X4 965. The X4 965 is basically an overclocked version of the X4 955.

    Second: Your RAM choice is good. The Patriots are decent brands so don't worry.

    Third: I would stick with the 5850. It will perform nicely and the cost difference doesn't justify the 5870.

    Fourth: Your PSU is decent and work with a single 5850 but I would recommend getting a bigger PSU to allow you to Crossfire down the road. You need a good 750W power supply for dual card setup.

    Finally: Your build will be a decent gaming build!!! :D
  3. just overclock the 5850. The 955 is the same, just overclock a bit and youve got a 965 for $20 less. I havent heard of that brand, but its 80 plus certified so it should be fine. If you want to be sure its good, go with a corsair. Your computer should not bottleneck . Go with G. SKill ripjaw series 1600Mhz RAM.
  4. great guys! thanks!!!!
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