Solid gaming keyboard for 50-80 dollars?

I'm currently looking for a solid gaming keyboard. Honestly I want something that looks flashy to go with the rest of my stuff. I want backlit keys (I've heard the Cyborg doesn't have blue, which doesn't match the rest of my stuff, but its still under consideration)

I'm eyeing the lycosa, the G15, the cyborg, and anything else you guys can recommend. I'm looking at the new black widow, but the cheaper version doesn't have back lit keys, so its kind of a turn off there. I want flashy black with blue lights or customizeable lights while also being a durable and well built keyboard.

What do you guys recommend?
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  1. RAZER LYCOSA, or any other razer as per your price. i like their products.|23-114-004^23-114-004-TS%2C23-114-010^23-114-010-TS%2C23-114-009^23-114-009-TS%2C23-114-007^23-114-007-S01
  2. It looks cool, I've been reading about it a lot, but I don't know how I feel about all the fingerprints and the loud keyboard presses (according to reviews at least)
  3. There's a new keyboard coming, TH reviewed it. but its nearly double your budget :D

    btw dude, its about compromises when you have limited budget. if you cant sacrifice, then you cant do anything.,11117.html

    at least any haters should know that rrrrRazer aren't fooling around. Its "the" company to look for gaming keyboards!
  4. the logitech g110 seems like value for money. :-)
  5. Yeah I mentioned the Black Widow, but I don't think I want a loud keyboard.

    Is the G110 good build quality?

    How does the lycosa not have a mute button on it also?
  6. Another thing, outside of the G19 and Black widow, aren't they all for the most part within my budget? Saitek I don't like for not having individual backlit keys, and I've heard the G15 isn't of good build quality, is that right?
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