5770, how to run two screens

My 5770 graphics card has 3 slots on it, VGA, HDMI and a display port. I have a monitor connected vga/vga as my main screen and I wanted to know how to connect a second screen which is a TV,


through HDMI/HDMI and i cant seem to get that working.

When everythings connected the TV screen is connected but just remains black but changes HD modes then not displaying anything.

If theres a way i could get this to work with a HDMI/HDMI cable, help would be appreciated.
Otherwise please help me on otherways that this could be done and what cables i would need.
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  1. The HDMI port is the best option. Did you enable the second display in the Catalyst Control Center? The 5770 is capable of outputting VGA and HDMI at the same time. It sounds like you just haven't enabled the second display.
  2. Yes i have done that but i still only get a blank screen, any idea what else could cause it from not showing the picture?
  3. This may sound like a silly question, but are you sure the TV is set for the correct input (HDMI1 vs HDMI2)?
  4. Yes it was, i had the HDMI cable in the 2nd slot, and i was on the HDMI2 channel, when the computer was starting up the TV was changing from 720p to 1080p, so im guessing it noticed the pc, just it still wasnt showing anything
  5. Maybe a fault with the TV really, i can mouse over into the other screen, its just there no picture, any other ideas would be great
  6. Do you have another HDMI cable available to try out?
  7. I just tried a few, same thing happens. CCC can control the tv, change resolution, hz, but there is just no picture to go with it, i've had this problem for a few days now, not sure what else i can do really, I'll have to try out another TV tomorrow, if that doesnt work then it could be the PC
  8. Just for the heck of it, I would try starting the computer with only the tv hooked up, disconnect your main monitor and see what it does.
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