Antec DF 85 and HD5970

Simple question, will the HD5970 fit inside of that case?
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  1. According to the Antec DF 85 technical specifications, 11.5 inches (292 mm) is the maximum video card length.

    The length of the Radeon HD 5970 video cards are usually between 12.2 and 12.5 inches depending on the manufacturer.

    You'll have to look for a different case.
  2. What case would you recommend?
  3. I have a Coolermaster HAF 932 with HD 5970 and it fits perfectly(still has room for a bigger card),another good option would be Corsair Obsidian 800D,which is more expensive though.
    Here is a list of cases that support HD 5970
    Note that there are some cases which aren't in this list but have the room for a 5970.
  4. It should fit. Antec site states" 12.5inches or 318mm" maximum GPU size. See the path below.
  5. HAF-X is one of the best CASE in the market today.
  6. Hmmm.....I just found two different Antec DF-85 specifications for video cards. The second one states maximum video card size: 12.5” / 318mm.

    I do not know which one is correct.
  7. Yes according to Antec it will.
    Maximum graphics card size: 12.5" / 318 mm
  8. It should Fit on Antec DF-85. That case is for high end gaming that include the high end card. That case is designed for multiple high end card.

    Hey "Christoph@ANTEC" can you confirm the "12.5" Inches GPU card lenght as stated on Antec Webpage? [...] d=MjQwNA==
  9. Thanks all!
  10. it will fit on antec df-85 i just bought this case yesterday and before i buy it i done a search it does supportt 12.5 inch GPU my hd 5870 fits perfectly and it stills have space for taller card like the 5970 and believe me there is a big place to fit it could use the hdd cage space belive me.
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