PC crashes/freeze when streaming videos

My friend had this problems.
He just newly built a PC. Here's the spec:-
i5 750
MSI P55 GD65
Sapphire ATI 5670 512MB
CM GX 550W
500GB WD
2GB DDR3 (kingston normal RAM; sadly).
Windows XP SP2
So what happened is that when he tried to stream video online, the comp always crashes/freeze. At first maybe its overheating, so I had checked the temp and found it to be within range.I check the OS, the browser and its all with the latest drivers. Any idea whats going on? Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks a bunch
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  1. When you say crash, is it just the internet explorer window that freezes and you can still move the mouse and interact with other windows or is it a complete freeze?

    Try a different video site to stream from. Also, make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash player and Java installed.

    You can also try one stick of ram at a time (if 2 x 1Gb sticks). You would likely want to put XP SP3 on too as this contains some minor stability fixes for XP.
  2. What browser? IE?
    Try to playing the other video and sites as well...
  3. I did try Firefox, Chrome but same thing happened. However I tried with a different Graphic card and it turn out well. Some probs with the VGA maybe. Think i need to RMA the VGA if it turns out that way.
    Thanks alot for the comments.
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