Why do we get mother board problems

my compaq laptop is about one and half years old.it is not getting started.after pressing the on button the fan spins for nearly 5-10 seconds and get stopped.The flash lights continue to glow,only the capslock button keeps flickering.I need to know the reason whether the problem lies within the mother board or other.Is there any way to transfer the memory of this laptop to other HP laptop??please let me know whether changing the mother board is the only way to get back my laptop with all its memory???
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  1. You can always take out your hard drive and install it in another computer(even a desktop with the proper adapter) to try to read the data on the drive.

    I would try downloading the UBUNTU Linux disk, and see if my laptop could boot to Linux. If it can, then you have just eliminated hardware as the problem(with the exception of a possible faulty hard drive).
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