Computer will not boot - Makes short whine sound

Alright, I've assembled the computer with the parts I wanted. I plug in the monitor, power cord, and keyboard. I flip the switch on the PSU to ON. The motherboard has a green light, so that must mean it has power. However, when I hit the power button, nothing happens. What I hear is a whine sound for a split second. I can't figure it out. I need help. :(

The parts:

I'm stumped. I've unhooked everything and put it back together. I've double checked the cables from the chassis to the motherboard. Double checked the CPU and heatsink. I've taken out both RAM sticks and I still hear absolutely nothing. I'm running out of ideas here.
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  1. The whining sound that you hear sounds like a distressed power supply. Try taking everything out of the case and build the computer on the bench, or if available try a different power supply.
  2. Not sure if this is right but could it be a blown capacitor? I think that would make that noise or would it not?
  3. I took the PSU out of the case and held it next to my ear. I then pressed the power button and the sound came right from the PSU.

    I'm assuming that isn't supposed to happen, correct?

    This is my first time building, so excuse the question. :P

    The PSU fan didn't even start either upon pressing the power button.
  4. No a power supply shouldn’t make a whining sound unless maybe if it has a short across it which is why I suggested building the computer out of the case. I don’t want to alarm you but in my experience of whining power supplies is that they often damage the motherboard. Try checking the 5v standby voltage with a meter.
  5. The motherboard is fine, I believe. When I flip the ON switch on the supply, there's a green LED on the motherboard saying it's getting power. So, I'm sure that's fine.

    I'll send this supply back and acquire a replacement. Thanks for your help. :)
  6. make sure the standoffs are installed properly if your case has them. they are the little brass things put between your motherboard and case. however, some cases dont need them...
  7. I got 9 screwed in, and my motherboard has 9 holes. Fairly certain I did that right. I did a bunch of research and reading before putting it together so I didn't go in with no idea of what I was doing. :)
  8. yeah well corsair makes very good power supplies-but theres always a possibility of it being faulty. anyway, hope your new power supply works out for you :)
  9. Alight ladies and gentlemen. I am the biggest n00b ever.

    So, I go and buy another power supply, hook everything up exactly like it was with the previous supply. Doesn't work.

    At this time, I'm getting ticked. I unplugged the connection from the power supply to the mobo called CHA_FAN1. I turn it on, and HOLY CRAP IT WORKS.

    Everything works fine, but the HDD makes a couple click sounds upon booting. I'm going to install Windows and stress test it and see what happens.

    Thanks everyone for the assistance. I should definitely be nominated as the n00b of the year.
  10. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! THANK YOU!

    I was having the exact same problem and I had taken my build apart about 3 times and having no luck. Before going to TOO drastic of measures, I managed to find your thread. I noticed that you had the same problem as me and that you had the same MOBO and PSU brands as I. Sure enough, I had one of the case fans plugged into the CHA_FAN1 as well. I unplugged it and it now works perfectly.

    So, you now have competition for n00b of the year!! In fact, I'll totally take the title from you because you were kind enough to post your solution and it really helped me out. Congrats! You're not even a n00b at all anymore!
  11. Guess I spoke too soon...

    Turns out, the fans were working perfectly; the lights were working perfectly, but I couldn't get the computer to post. I actually thought it was the monitor/TV for a while, but I couldn't figure it out...

    Finally took it to a shop the other day, since I really don't have any equipment around to do any diagnostics with. They just called earlier today and said that my brand new mobo is fried!!

    The reason?

    Plugging my power supply into the CHA_FAN1 slot.

    Maybe a warning about doing this on the main 'Step-by-step' guide would help future n00bs avoid this mistake. I'll get a new mobo -- I'm not going suicidal or anything -- but hey, I would've preferred to NOT throw my $120 down the drain for what seems like a simple mistake.
  12. Hmmm. My computer has been acting funky lately, actually. Anytime I plug something in on my case USB port, I lose my video. The only way to get it back is to restart.

    So, I'm beginning to think perhaps something happened to my motherboard and is causing this to happen. And the only cause of this that I can think of is what we both did.

    I just don't feel like asking for a new motherboard, but it is getting annoying now. It's happened 4 times now.
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