Formated HDD ,than installed windows. Can I recover atleast few files?

I have 2 hdd ,100gb/each, and a total of 4 partiton on this hard drives. I want it to intall new OS and mistaking the hdd when selected partition to install. I format it (fast) ,than installed windows on 12gb. I had 70gb files on that hdd. After finished installation I was shocked to see my files wasnt where I thought should be. Now my operation system is on the hard with lost files. I tryed 5 softwares and none recovered atleast one file lost. Its that because I run the sw from the same hdd ? I really need that files back. HELPPP !

thank you
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  1. So long as you have something else to save the files to, Pandora Recovery or Odin are great free apps that run under windows.

    @Active Partition Recovery is not free but will give you better results when using the provided bootable disk.
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