Core i3 + Ati HD 5850 or Core 2 quad + Ati HD 5770, which will be best for 1440x

Core i3 2.93 Ghz+ATI HD 5850 or Core 2 quad 2.66 Ghz +ATI HD 5770, which will be best for 1440x900 res?
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  1. An AMD system would be much cheaper. What's your total budget for whatever system you're planning?
  2. Well for 1440x900,a HD 5770 is a waste,so if you can change your options,get an
    i5 750/HD 5770.
    Otherwise,between these 2 since socket 775 is out of production,i would go for the first one.
    But like i said,for 1440x900,a 5770 is more than enough,there is no need to get a 5850
  3. What are you using the system for and what components do you already have? For that resolution the 5850 might be overkill so I would recommend your 5770 solution.

    Edit: At stock settings the 5770 will also offer you a much better value per dollar so it's definitely a better choice if you're trying to be conscious of how you spend your dollar.
  4. The i3/5850 is the better long term choice. As Maziar pointed out, you have the ability to install an i5-750 or other quad core option later on.

    However, at 1440x900 the ATI 5770 is all you'd need. Anything more than that is frankly a waste of money, unless you plan to buy a new monitor soon. The 5770 will do decent at 1920x1080 (1080p) with some games, so it also depends on what you're playing.

    I could see doing an i5-750 + 5770 as the better choice. Ultimately, the CPU will perform a lot better, and at 1440x900 the 5770 is more than adequate. The $150 difference between a 5770 and 5850 will easily pay for the upgrade from the i3 to i5-750.
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