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So about 2 years ago I built a computer with the following specs:

windows vista (now 7)

evga gforce 8800gt

Pentium quad core 2.3Ghz

6Gb ddr2 ram

gigabyte p35 chip set

650watt power supply

Today I was playing World of Warcraft when the computer froze up (very odd freeze screen had blue dots all over it sort of like snow). I assumed it was the game and tried to fix the game, but the issue continued each time I opened the game. I then downloaded a program to see if my system was running too hot. This program also had some graphic card tests for FPS and one for opengl which, as soon as i ran it my computer crashed just like when wow caused the crash. This got me thinking it was the gpu. but the next time i booted the system i had major issues during boot all the screens have random letters/numbers and it looks really bad.

Basically I am just looking for a direction. Does anyone know what part of my system is failing? Anything would be helpful... I'm a bit lost. I can't even get an error message to try to look up the issue.

thanks in advance
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  1. It sounds like the video card is failing or the drivers are corrupted. You could try downloading the drivers from evga, uninstalling the existing drivers, re-starting, and installing the new drivers. If that doesn't work, do you have access to another video card that you know to work? If so, replace your card with that one, and see check the results. If the replacement card works, get a new video card.
  2. at this point i cant even get into windows to check drivers or any thing, the computer just locks up at the windows loading screen. but i do plan on going to microcenter tomorrow to buy a GPU to test if that is the issue.

    i hope you're right... i don't want it to be the motherboard.

    below is a picture of how my bios looks notice the odd symbols all over the place
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