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i am trying to remove paint of my old hp case so what would be the the best way to do it
i know its going to take too long to do it with a dremel with a sanding rool
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  1. Sand Blasting or an Acid Wash would be the quickest/most effective options, but I'm not sure you would be willing to spend that kind of money.

    I know oven cleaner will remove anodizing from Aluminum, so I don't see why it wouldn't remove paint. It'd be worth a shot.
  2. Easiest method would be sandblasting -- do you know of a local auto shop that does painting - you could probably talk them into blasting it for you. Or you could get some paint remover\stripper from a hardware store that should work also (you just brush it on let it sit for awhile and scrape off )
  3. why not just apint over it?
  4. auto shops have wire brushes you can put into a hand drill or drill press...
  5. There are metal paint removers in liquid and gel form.
    The only thing is that it can take minutes or hours.
    Also the bare metal can start to rust if you don't apply a primer or rust inhibiter right after.
    Rinse or wash off the panels with mineral spirits and a soft rag then let dry before painting.
  6. Lightly scuff the paint with sand paper, and paint over it.
  7. Davcon's statement about rust sparked a memory...Gun Bluing doesnt protect cases from rust...learned the hard way. Just thought I'd share in case someone was thinking of trying it.
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