How to take 2HDD apart if they are set as one partion?

Hi Guys,

sorry I am an amateur having some adventures here due to a smart failure..
The thing is I have an HP ENVY 17' with 2 HDDs set as one partion originally (ok, there is an extra partion for recovery, but that is minor). It seems like Raid 0 is about to die (at least no recommended checks, defrag or anything changes the status, performance is slower etc), so I figure I better replace it with a new one. And now the embarrassing question is how can I transfer all the data on Raid 1 when the only partion I have is C (Raid 0+1)? The plan is to move all data on Raid 1 then replace Raid 0 with a new HDD.

Am I completely stupid or there is still hope? Please advise:)!

Cheers, g
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  1. You can try this.

    1. backup the raid 1 array (it should be seen as one drive)
    2. create the raid 0 array using your raid controller
    3. restore the backup to the raid 0.
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