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When using task manager to set affinity, there are many "CPUs" listed, is there a way to figure out which are the physical and which are the virtual cores?

I am running dual X5680's which have 6 physical cores and 6 virtual cores each. I see 24 CPUs available in the task manager screen.

I am currently running highly threaded algorithms (for scientific research) that I've designed. The algorithm is designed to run in parallel and I made it so that there are multiple processes showing up in task manager. Basically what I want to do is set an affinity so that there is one physical and one virtual core assigned to each process.

I hope I explained that well; Essentially I need to figure out which of the CPUs listed in the Set Affinity function are physical and which are virtual since they are all bunched together. Any insight on this scenario would be much appreciated.

BTW, I'm running Windows 2008 R2.

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  1. Hello Synbios;
    Pretty sure it breaks out this way:
    Core 0 is the first physical core. Core 1 is the first virual core.
    Core 2 is the second physical core, and so on.
  2. Good to know, that's what makes the most logical sense but I didn't want to assume.

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