SSD not appearing after abrupt shut down

I woke my rig up from sleep and appeared to be frozen so I held down on power to shut down.
When I hit power again to boot up only the case and cpu fans went on.
I inserted Win7 install disc to repair but found there are no system images available and it doesnt see any operating systems to repair.
I go into BIOS and find that bootable devices include dvd drive and my trusty Western Digital 750 gb hdd. The OCZ SSD is not there!
I have windows installed on the ssd and store everything else on the hdd.

In the past I had a similar problem and used the ocz toolbox to wipe the ssd and re-install windows. I'm just hoping there is an alternative to doing that yet again.

Is my ssd really shot and will this just happen again in a few months after I reinstall windows?
OR is there anything I can do to get it up and running again?

OCZ Vertex 2 SATA II 2.5" SSD 60GB.

Edit* From what i've seen online it looks like this is a common problem, sleeping a computer with a ssd and it never wakes up :/
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  1. I stopped using sleep years ago for the simple reason every time I woke it up I had to restart since something did not work as it should. Is the drive recognized in BIOS at all?
  2. Not recognizable in bios at all.
    A few months back I wiped it using the ocz toolbox parted magic from a disc i burned to oot from. I tried that, but it didnt see it either.
    On my dad's factory built HP, theres no ssd and he sleeps it all the time due to a weird startup issue where internet connectivity doesnt finalize for a good 10-15 min.
    I never knew of this sleep issue in all the research to putting together my rig. :(
    Apparently I might have prevented this problem by installing the latest OCZ firmware.
    I will RMA and I ordered an Intel 520 60GB to replace it.
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    Yep if not seen at all time to RMA.
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