Will this CPU cooler fit?

Ok, so I've finalized my build for the first computer I'm going to build and I need to know if this CPU fan/heatsink will fit my build/fit in my case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103065

Here's my build

Case: Lian-Li Lancool PC-K58w


CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE


MoBo: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157198

Hopefully this is all the relevant information needed to determine whether or not it will work out and fit. If more is needed just ask. Thanks in advance for the help. Also, should I buy a separate thermal paste and apply that, or should I just use whatever comes with the cooler? Is it necessary to buy a certain brand?
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  1. yes, that HSF will fit your cpu/mobo
  2. Case dimensions are 19.61" x 8.43" x 19.53" and the HS is 122 x 92 x 160 mm (1 inch = 25.4mm) so 8.43 inches = 214mm so as long as the MOBO uses less than 214 - 160 = 54mm ( 2.12 inches) you should be fine !!

    The Paste that coolermaster includes works pretty well but is pretty thick and hard to spread - so it can be used but you might get a couple extra degrees of cooling with Artic silver 5 or IC diamond paste.
  3. Hello potpies4you;

    It fits - with one caveat. A bit of an issue with the top 140mm fan.
    From the NewEgg customer comments an owner of the PC-K58W and Hyper 212+. Timmy L. 7/30/2010 6:26:58 AM
  4. Thank you all for your help. I was pretty sure it would fit but I didn't want to order it and find out later that it didn't so I had to make sure.

    @WR2 I see...I just read through some of the other reviews and there is one in response to "Timmy L." that says the manufacturer of the case actually intended for the top fans to be mounted in that fashion. I'm not sure if that's true or not though.

    Anyways, thanks again for the answers. I'll be buying the parts asap. Now I have to build it! Wish me luck haha.
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