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What to look for in a Motherboard

I like looking through sites such as newegg and viewing the various products. When I first got into computers I didn't know what a good CPU, HDD, RAM, case ect. was. Now I understand what is good and what not but motherboards seem more complex. They have random numbers and different specs but I don't know what it all means and how to choose one. I know about ATX and m-ATX and all the ports it comes with such as USB 3.0 but nothing more.

Could somebody explain all the information they should show, what it means and what to look for. Thanks in advanced!
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  1. I think the best thing to do as a starting point is to hop onto Wikipedia in one window and the features list of a MOBO on another and go one by one. Your question could literally be like peeling an onion, as the explanation one gives may use terms you don't understand as well. You'd be in a loop of confusion. At least in Wikipedia it's possible a term used to explain something may be hyperlinked so you can quickly look that up as well.

    I'm not saying that Wikipedia is always right, but it's rarely completely wrong for your purposes.

    There may be an FAQ out there on this as well. Simple searches will result in everything from very rudimentary explanations all the way up:

    There are many great articles to be found here as well. Read reviews and you will begin to pick up the lingo using context clues.

    Good luck!
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    Mobos are the same, you need 1st know your needs. If you want overclock then you need a good mobo with a good CPU because a cheap mobo limit your settings and overclock possibilities.

    2nd things that you need keep in mind is the GPU, if you have a dedicated GPU (AMD 6850, GTX 570) you don't need a mobo with onboard video and usually the mobos with onboard video aren't the best for overclock.

    3rd, how many GPU do you want? One, two, three..that makes a big difference (in price) when you want buy a mobo.

    4th, You need confirma that the select mobo support the CPU that you want, for that all mobos manufacturer has a CPU support list that you can find in the mobo's manufacturer web page.

    5th but not less important. What budget? Exist mobos from $40 until $500

    I hope that my tips can give you some guide, if you need know something more or have an specific question let me know.
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