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Hello, i have tow monitors both VGA!
i recently bought a Zotac Geforce GTS 250 and it has 1 VGA port and 1 DVI port is it possible for me to connect both monitors ! if i can than how?
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  1. Totally possible. Best way to do it is connect both monitors while the computer is powered down. Simply plug one into the DVI and the other into the VGA. When the computer boots into windows, both should be detected and displaying likely one as main desktop and the other as an extented desktop.

    You can change the settings in display properties in control (ex which monitor you want as your main desktop and which side they are compared to each other).
  2. He mentioned they are both VGA. In that case, denirockdude_99 would need a DVI-VGA adapter. You can pick one up at most local retail electronics stores, shouldn't cost you more than $25, probably less if you can find an open box.
  3. EVERY card should already come with a dvi-vga adapter, i have bunch of these lying around from my old graphics cards.
  4. Well, the gentleman asked so I answered. The ball's in his court now.
  5. Thank You All So Much!!! aspacialy impac!! but guys all of u helpd so realy thank u all!!
  6. OK As arterius2 Said it should but i didn't get one!!! (thats not a big deal)
    but waht is a big deal is if u shure that it will show image on both monitors !!! i mean cuz its only one video card!!! here is the link for my exsact video card !! PLZZ CHECK AND TELL ME FOR SURE!
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