Akasa venom question!!!

hey guys. i have just had a new rig made. my cpu is a i5 760 2.8ghz with an akasa venom cpu cooler.
i know these chips are easily oc's to 4.0ghz but i cant seem to get it there, even with professional oc help.

i guess i will get to my question..... when my cores are in stress using prime 95, at 65 degrees my akasa venom cpu cooler is cold to the touch. is this normal?

my old rigs heatsink was hot to the touch which is waht i expected. when i oc to 4.0 like many others with the same sort of set up as me they have no problems but my cores hit 90+ degrees!

is there something wrong with my heatsink, could anyone with the same sort of set up shed some light please?

many thanks.
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  1. you havent mounted correctly. if the cooler doesnt make a good contact with the cpu, it wont transfer as much as heat (cold to touch). try reapplying the paste (not to little, not to much) and make sure u mount the heatsink correctly.
  2. You did use thermal paste right?
  3. i didnt build the rig.
  4. I had never heard of that heatsink but after reading several reviews it seems to be a pretty good one. Those temps are way too high assuming you are overclocking correctly. Sounds to me like the cooler was either installed without thermal paste or was installed incorrectly.

    Try removing the cooler and using some rubbing alcohol remover the old paste ( assuming there is some ) them reinstalling the cooler making sure you use a good paste.
  5. i have 2 different thermal pastes. i little see through packet that comes with the cpu cooler, all it says on it is from taiwan. haha.

    i also have some Akasa 455 thermal compound purchased from my local pc shop.
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