Sapphire 5770 & 5830, Performance?

Hi all, gotta say I'm stumped. My friend and I built identical systems with the exception of the Graphics card, so here we go;

ASUS P6X58d Premium MOBO
Intel i7 980x CPU
6 Gig Corsair DDR3 1600 XMP RAM
Win 7 64 bit
Silverstone 1000W PSU

I have a Sapphire HD5770 Graphics card and my friend has a Sapphire HD5830.

My friend used ATI Overdrive to max out his GPU performance, I don't have that option.

Here's the odd thing; on my 5770 running Cinebench 11.529 with the ram set to XMP and the CPU Oc'd to 4 GHz I am getting 75.7 FPS. My friend is only getting 39.6 FPS with the same settings.

I installed an updated driver for my 5770 (v 10.4) that was released April 28, 2010, he is using the latest driver for the 5830 (8.703 rc2) released 2/25/2010.

Both of us thought the 5830 would beat the 5770 in performance but we can't seem to make this happen.

Any thoughts, insight or suggestions will be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! He has already dont that. This is the driver that came with the Vid Card, even so he uninstalled the original and installed this one thinking it would be better, not so much, same driver, same result.

    Thanks again.
  2. Have you tried any other programs? Furmark (not really recommended)? Futuremark?

    What about games?
  3. Haven't tried either of those I'll pass it along and post the results, he's west coast & I'm east, thanks again.
  4. OK, we ran FurMark and got the result we expected. Running "Post FX" in "Benchmark" mode his 5830 hit averages of 109-112 fps while my 5770 got averages of 49 - 53 fps. These results are what we expected from Cinebench, still a head scratcher..............
  5. That's pretty bad, considering the 5830 isn't 2x better than the 5770. Run some games; it seems both cards are installed and working right, software just isn't always accurate.
  6. Yea we pretty much figured out that 1. we are cluless as to what exactly the software is measuring and 2. that we are generally cluless as to the real performance of these vid cards, we just figured the higher the number the better.

    He's going to try some games this evening (PST) and let me know what happens; as for me I got the 5770 because I wanted better rendering performance on pixel dense images than the 5670 that I have in my i7 920 system, in fact I built this whole system for that purpose, I'm happy with what I've got, my buddy is the game freak so I'll get back to you as soon as I hear something.

    Thanks again for your input.
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