IL9 Pro and Core 2 Duo e7500

I have an abit IL9 Pro mobo, and recently installed a Core 2 Duo e7500. It seemed slow in-game, and sure enough, CPU-Z says it's running at 1.6ghz (instead of the 2.93). Abit's website says the e7300 is compatible, and the 7500 is the same, just slightly higher ghz. CPU-Z also shows BIOS v. 12, whereas on start up cpu shows v. 13 (which is needed for this cpu). Any ideas? Thanks!
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  1. i would flash your bios to the most up to date version and find your clock settings for the processor in there. look for any overclocking programs you have installed on your OS too.
  2. LoL. update your bios... Abit died just as the 2nd wave of Wolfdales was introduced.

    I don't mean to be mean but unless somebody in the community wrote a bios with added CPU support or you have a very old out of date bios, you are SOL.
  3. Hello and welcome to toe forums
    First of all,like posters above said,update your BIOS.
    As for CPU downclocking, disable "Intel speed step" in the BIOS and your CPU will run at its stock speeds.(Speed step downclockds your CPU in idle mode)
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