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AMD Athlon 6000+ Good?

hey well i was looking for processor's and found out that am3 processor's won't work on my mobo so i started looking for am2 processors and found the Amd Athlon 6000+ 3.1ghz am2 socket and i was just wondering is that a good processor? and what can that compared to?
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  1. you can probably compare it to an intel core 2 duo e6600. It is dual core I believe.
  2. what im trying to make it comparable to is an e7300 so how close does that come to that? i know nothing about intel processors other than my old pentium 4, 2.6ghz one lol
  3. A 6000+ is probably the best you can do with your board. I don't think it is as fast as an E6600, generally, maybe for gaming.

    What are you upgrading from and what board/system do you have?

    You can get a AM2+ board with a Athlon II x3 440 for like $100. The best Google shopping price for a 6000+ is $68.
  4. the e7300 would be a little faster i would be fine with that, and my bored is a em61sm/em61pm and its am2... uhh and im upgrading from a amd athlon 3800+ 2.4 single core
  5. I look here:

    The E7300 should be a third of the way between the E7200 and the E7500. Just to make sure, you know it won't fit in this motherboard..

    Your motherboard looks like a pretty standard layout, and should fit an microATX if you are interested in going that rout. CPU compatibility is listed on that page too.
  6. no no i dont want it i want the amd athlon 6000+ i just wanted to now how good it was compared with the e7300
  7. Tbh, you will likely have issues trying to get that cpu to work. It may or may not, theres no articles clear online that answer anyones questions about it. They get a direction and thank the posters and never update the thread with the result.

    I do recommend and back up stardude82s suggestion to get a new mobo and cpu. This will likely cause you to need new ram, which can get expensive but will be guaranteed to work and will be a better performance boost. The X2 6000 isn't a bad chip, I still have one, but its not as good as what is offered in the current line up of cpus,

    If you buy any cpu with that same socket, you are likely to experience problems booting and lack of support for BIOS updates to make it work as your system was designed for the buy it and throw it away later consumers. I mean that from an upgrade standpoint and am not trying to degrade your system.

    Whats your reason for upgrading? Gaming, movie playback, multitasking? List your current hardware specs such as video card, ram, OS and the like so we can tell if it will make sense to upgrade the cpu.

    I just finished repairing a system for a buddy of mine and he has a system with the same cpu. Windows 7 and a video card set him straight and hes happy for a bit longer...
  8. oh my purposes are bassically gaming but not at crazy resolutions like 1280x1024 (max res) and everyday use

    Current Specs:
    Amd Athlon 3800+ 2.4ghz
    Ati radeon hd 4350 512mb
    1gb ram
    160gb harddrive

    Future System (very soon)
    Amd Athlon 6000+ 3.1ghz (very soon maybe this weekend if its fine for gaming, i dont need a freaking crazy i7 to game)
    Ati Radeon HD 4870/5670/5770 (one of the 3)
    3gb Ram
    160gb harddrive
    New PSU Coolermaster 460Watt
  9. Fine enough.
  10. (: yay at christmas im getting a new mobo so i'll be good then
  11. Personally if it was me, I would invest the money you are thinking about spending on the 6000 and put it into the video card you want now, providing you power supply is up to the task. You are getting a new mobo in 16 weeks? Thats a no brainer to wait on the cpu upgrade and spend the money on hardware you can actually use in your new system.

    If your power supply isn't good enough to run the video card you want now, maybe you should put the money from the cpu on a nice psu or case that you want your new system to work with. I just cant justify spending 70 bucks on a temporary cpu that may not work in your system and isn't usable in your new rig.

    Thats my 2 cents...
  12. the reason im not getting the video card first is a few reasons my power supply is only 250 watts and im upgrading my psu to 460 after i buy the 6000+ and becuase i don't want a bottleneck or as big a bottleneck, and i spoke wrong instead of the 4870 i ment the 4670... uhh the cheapest one would be the XFX 4670 for 70 dollers with shipping and everything then the 5670 (which is the one i want the most) for about 105 dollers with shipping and then the 5770 which is 169 dollers but i would probably get the 184 doller one
  13. It's a waste of money to upgrade your cpu right now and the benefits will be low to moderate. If you were going to use this system for another year I would say go ahead but 3-4 months will blow by and you will be discarding the cpu you just upgraded. It simply doesn't make sense.

    If your itching to upgrade something then get a new psu that will power your new system. Unless you're rich and money is not object you need to be patient young grasshopper...

    For the money this is a great psu. It will be all you need for a time to come:
  14. i don't quite follow you? so getting a new cpu would be a waste of money? how?

    you recommend me getting a psu which i will be doing after my cpu so why not get both?

    you would rather me buy a video card (5670/4670) and have a huge bottleneck? if i bought at least a 6000+ i wouldnt have as big as a bottleneck
  15. Whats the point? Why are you guys arguing so much?
  16. im not trying to argue im just trying to understand him i still think upgrading my processor/cpu would be good with a 6000+
  17. Wait Wait Wait, Englandr753, you said 3,4 months will blow by right did you mean at christmas since im getting a new mobo i won't be using that cpu? because i will be im going to get an am2,am2+,am3 microATX mobo so i can have the new cpus and so i can keep the old one till i get more money after christmas but i'd still have it for a while
  18. My point is, your getting a new motherboard (probably 75-100 bucks) and your going to spend 70 on this outdated cpu. Why buy a cpu to work with your old system that will hold back your new system upgrades later?

    For a few bucks more you can get one of these two cpus:


    Your talking 5 to 30 more bucks to get either of these cpus, depending on your budget. I was a fan of the 6000x2 in its day, its day has passed. Either of the cpus I mentioned above will be MUCH better than what you are trying to do now.

    I'm trying to say to you, don't worry about upgrading until you can benefit the most from it. Upgrading your cpu now is going to limit you considerably compared to what you can end up with if you just wait and get everything at once and get all new, higher performing hardware that will be a better match up and give you better gaming performance...
  19. the reason i can't buy one of those cpus are becuase their socket type is am3 and my mobo is am2 which won't support those even with a bios update, belive me if could buy one of those i would but i cant so im buying the 6000+ or something similar 6400+ or 5800+, (since their all am2 socket) and have it for a while at christmas get a new mobo and eventually after that when its upgrading time i will proably get a amd phenom x6
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    Hold on, I'm not understanding why your not getting what I'm saying.

    Don't but anything right now.

    Wait until Christmas and spend the money you are going to spend now on the new cpu, the X3 I linked to is only 5 more bucks than the 6000x2 and is much better.

    At Christmas, you spend the money on the motherboard and you are set. When you buy your new motherboard I hope you are prepared to buy new memory as you will likely need it if you get an AM3 socket mobo.

    It's that simple. Do what you want but it makes much more sense to hold off buying anything now and just get all the newer stuff at once at Christmas. It will be a much faster system and you will save money in the long run. You are planning to buy another new cpu after Christmas and that doesn't make any sense at all. That money could be used for your ram.

    Sorry, but I'm done trying to explain. I'm trying to help you make the best decision and hopefully you will listen.
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