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Hello, I am in the market for a gaming pc for $1100. I was hoping to build one myself but my parents refuse to let and there is no hope convincing them otherwise unfortunately. So any suggestions as to what website or company i should look into would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. my friends mother bought a gaming computer from and she really likes it

    i will urge against you to get it prebuilt but if u absolutely have to then either or are most likely ur best bet

    building your own computer is cheaper , lets you pick what you want , and also usually runs a lot better/longer

    but like i said if u absolutely cant build it, even though it is really easy

    i would try or

    a local computer store in your town could probably build it for around 50$ if you provide parts but idk other than that
  2. if they dont trust you to build yourself, just let the mall guy build it, I always buy my parts from retailers not online and almost always let them put them all together,

    I dont even pay them anything for that, they do it just cause I bought from them a 1000$ build :)

    sorry I dont know anything about good prebuilt companies
  3. How old are you? Judging just by the readability of your post I would bet that you are perfectly capable of building your own PC. There is very little that can go wrong as long as you buy compatible parts and take your time. There are 100s if step by step guides to take you thought every part. If it is something you would really like to do have your parents come read this forum. Put together a parts list and post it, you will get input on what you need to change to line you up for a good setup. It will also give us a good idea of your understanding of the hardware and if you are really ready to do it yourself.
    In the very worst case you will get stuck and then just post back here or last resort take it to a local computer store and it will cost you less then $70 to finish it if you cant.
    Also a not for your parents you generally get a much better warranty on the hardware if you build your own vs a name brand computer and for no additional cost just be sure to register all your parts.
    In general parts from a name brand pc are of the lowest cheapest quality. Look at it like a manufactured home or a contractor on a bid; they cut corners on cost every opportunity they can.
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