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Bottom Line first.
At the end of the day this is a huge step forward for Corsair. The Neutron GTX is a great performer. If Corsair can deliver on the reliability and compatibility fronts, the Neutron GTX will be a huge win for Corsair. This is also a good day for Link A Media. If SK Hynix wants to follow in the footsteps of Samsung, combining its own controller with its own NAND, the LM87800 could be its ticket to get there.
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So we Have a new controller for SSd, the Link A Media (LOL)

The articale is a good read. I been recommending (as most Others) a Min 10 %, recommend 15% FREE space. But this articale indicates free space should be closer to 20%
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Would NOT jump out and buy - would need to see stats after on market for min of 3 Months.
Interesting - Diff in Ram used (From DDr2-800 -> DDR3-800 between diff brands)
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  1. Yep always thought that 15% was recommended! Agree with seeing reliability numbers before buying.
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