Wireless and Wired Lag Spikes...

been happening 3-4 days now at first i thought that my roommate was hogging all the bandwith but she wasn't i tested both her laptop and mine's connection and hers is perfectly fine whereas mine was sporadic and unstable.

I even went wired and the problem persists.. I've asked an IT friend for a hand but he doesn't seem to know what's up. I think it's a hardware problem but he says that if i'm connected to the router it isn't and that it's the router/isp that's at fault.. but if that were the case my roommate's laptop would be affected too yes?

So i'm really stumped.. anyone have any ideas?

before anyone suggests anything else i even uninstalled the wireless driver and checked the updates on most of my drives.. so idk...
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  1. Try to run #1 and #2 as it could be a virus too, to start with... http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/8263-63-simple-free-guide-removing-malware
  2. ran malwarebyte's full scan before and it found nothing. will run spybot search and destroy later.
  3. Post some hardware info too.
  4. Spybot didn't find anything substantial just browser stuff.

    Own an Acer Aspire 7741g

    intel cor i5 cpu m480 @ 2.67 ghz
    4gb Ram
    64 bit operating system

    Hitachi HTS545050b9A300 Hard drive

    Atheros AR5B97 wireless network Adapter

    tthanks for the help btw!
  5. are you sure it's an Atheros wireless and not a Broadcom?

    I have the 7741G-6426 and have Broadcom for both wired and wireless
  6. Do you have the most recent drivers for the wireless?
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