Corsair vx550 or hx650


I need some advice.

I need to invest in a new psu for my homebuild (specs in ther "more info" link), in addittion im contemplating upgrading my gpu to the gtx 4 series

Im torn between the corsair vx550 or hx650

Which do you think would be ideal for my current build and would be a good investment for the future.

Im leaning heavely towards the hx650 due to the 52a 12v rail.

Any help would be much apprecited :)
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  1. The HX650W is also modular... I'd definitely go for the HX650W.
  2. I have a HX750 so i recommend the HX650.
  3. The 550 is more than enough for your system, though I personally always prefer getting the more powerful one if you can afford it in case of any upgrades you may make in future, that and when you one day get a new system, there is a chance the PSU can still be reused as it is powerful enough
  4. Have you considered the 650TX which is not modular?
  5. Ideal

    HX650 it is... thanks for the input guys :)
  6. Can you mark this with a best answer so it will be solved please?
    Nevermind it's a discussion.
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