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My raid 1 HD's were 250 gig each. I had one fail, so I replaced both HD's with 500 gig. The system still only recognizes 250 gig. What do I need to do to utilize the full 500 gig?
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  1. Can you give us your motherboard model number and operating system, as well as if your using software raid or the raid utility on your motherboard ?
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    Go into bios and complety tear the raid group apart(remove it). Now you should be able to see 2 500 GB drives then. Now go back into bios and create a new raid-1 and add both drives into the raid group and it should see 500GB.
  3. If your controller doesn't have the option to expand the volume, you will need to either

    a) recreate the array (you will lose all data on the drive)


    b) backup the current array (image the array), recreate the array on the new drive using all 500gig, then restore the image. NOTE: depending on the backup software, some will restore an image to the original partition size. There should be an option to adjust the partition size.
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  5. Thanks to all!
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