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So I've been having these wierd issues with this machine. It started out with the disk failing giving me the disk boot error. I'd format it and it'd be good for like a week, and it would give them same wierd error. I ended up switching it up with a WD HDD which also happened to get the same error after a week. I started stress testing the system and found out that the RAM was actually giving a bunch of errors. That made sence since files were and are going corrupt and it could be the ram's fault..
Replaced ram, same issue after a week. Ended up switching the motherboard since I assumed it must have been an issue coming from a chipset or something was just nor right. Got a 2 week uptime with it and boom. Disk boot error.

Could it be the power supply shorting out? Cause I have no idea where it's coming from and I doubt it's the HDD since the last one did the exact same thing the new one is doing.
Any ideas?
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  1. when a PSU is failing it can damage many componets. I would install "speedfan" and check your voltages.
  2. You said what I was thinking in your second paragraph. The PSU may be unstable. Check you input voltage too with a meter to make sure it's not your outlet. Voltage drops and appliances on the same circuit could be an issue.
  3. Hi,

    When you got disk error, what did you do to fix it reinstall windows or did it boot up after a few tries ?

    Might be bootkit/rootkit
  4. Exactly, I never really trsuted the PSU much since it's just a white-brand that came with the case, but since it's not my system I didn't feel free to just replace it since it wouldn't be my cost and the problem didn't seem to come from it.
    I'll buy a new one tomorrow or so and test it out.
    I actually reformatted the drive and everytime I changed something around it would get fixed. One of the tries I actually changed the position of the sata's from like sata1 to sata2 and that would fix the problem which also led me to think it was the motherboard...for another week or so.
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