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I'm having issues with my computer not displaying video. Everything boots up fine... cd-rom, hard disks all appear to be booting up but I can't see anything on the screen... so it's either the video card is kaput or something from the video card to the motherboard? I don't know.

The video card (4870) lights up briefly and the fan comes on and stays on, but again ... no display on the monitors. I've tried everything I can think of. The video card DOES work (lights up, fan runs, etc.) but it's not displaying video.

I've had it working for 6 months with few issues and now it just doesn't work. How do I figure out exactly what's wrong?

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  1. First check that the GPU properly seated in the slot, and the power leads are properly connected.
    Have you tried the GPU in another computer? See if one of your friends will let you install in his/her computer to see if the video works on POST. If it doesn't work in the other computer, consider getting another GPU. If it does work, you may have a failing PSU or motherboard.
  2. Try your card in another computer (make sure it has enough PSU) to make sure whether the card is broke or not...
  3. If u bring more specs u will find more elaborate solutions.
    My advice:
    -sometimes may be BIOS related problem....if all hardwares are ok. reset BIOS then.

    -"I've had it working for 6 months with few issues"...means something is not very good, Could be a video card issue,a PSU problem, PCi-E slot or memory issue. Use another Pc of yours or borrowed to test 1 by 1 these parts (PCi-E slot --> M-Board) in various combinations.

    On Asus boards, if u use Ai Suite with EPU engine,to regulate the speed of vents and now u have full speed with black screen, reset BIOS. If u have Asus M board and Asus videocard don't use EPU. Disable...
  4. There's a link to a troubleshooting checklist in my signature. "No video" problems can be caused by any number of things. The checklist gives you a methodical method of troubleshooting. I've seen a dead stick of RAM cause your symptoms many times. Have you tried booting with each stick of RAM by itself?
  5. Hmm very odd.

    I take everything out but the PSU/cpu.

    Starts up, long beeps because no ram.

    Any of the four sticks I put in ... it loads up and no beeps. According to your link it should change to one long beep and two short beeps. Is my RAM shorting out the PSU?

    How can all four RAM sticks do the same thing? They can't all be bad now, they did work for a few years but I can't imagine four sticks of RAM going bad at once and "shorting out the PSU" which is what your article said would happen if I loaded the RAM and started it up and there was silence.
  6. ds3l

    crucial ballistix


    This system has been running for 2.5 years. Just having issues now. Replace mobo? RAM?

    Seems like RAM is the culprit according to your guide. Four sticks going bad at once just seems odd.
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