4850crossfire vs GTX260 216shader

Would it be worth it for me to change my GTX260 216shader to 4850crossfire?

Would a 600watt thermaltake purepower PSU be enough?

Reason Im thinking about doing this is I want a little more frames in bad company 2 and 4850's are selling for below $50 on ebay.
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  1. you should probably go for a 5xxx series, because of dx11, and im pretty sore that bc2 supports it, but i dont think that the perfomance increase will be that much if you go to a 4850cf, because i heard that a 4850 cf is similar to a 4890, and the gtx260 is close to a 4870, which is also close to the 4890. i recommend to up grade to the 5xxx series if you have the money, or you can just stay, the gtx260 should run bc2 fine, and yes, 600w is enough. on the other hand, you just want a few more frames, so it might be worth it for you... but thats your choice.

  2. A 4850 is weaker than the GTX260, and two 4850s are better than the GTX260, but there is no point in going from one strong card to two weaker cards in order to boost overall performance.

    Get an ATI 5850 or 5870.
  3. Reason Im considering the 4850 crossfire because they're only around $50 each, which is a lot cheaper than a 5850 or 5870
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