Centurion 590 or Antec 300 or any other?

Hi guys,

Which case will be the best?Centurion 590 or Antec 300 or any other on the same price range?
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  1. The 300 is definitely the best case under $60.
    If you can find a CM690 under $60 go for it Newegg had it on for $50/free shipping for 2 weeks.
    Personally i like the CM 690II Basic it replaced a 300 and can be found for $70.
    Right now the 300 Illusion is a no-brainer comes with extra TriCool fans.2 intake 2 exhaust
  2. 300 is better,
    As for davcon's comment about the CM 690, I have the original. Its an awesome case. lots of room, atleast enough for me(and thats still quite a bit)

    The second series can only get better, Other than that check the case articles, THW has just finished a $50 gaming segment, and no doubt has more for higher pricing areas.
  3. But the antec 300 has no options for cable management! Then why the antec 300 is best?
  4. Aneesh@4GHz said:
    But the antec 300 has no options for cable management! Then why the antec 300 is best?

    You did read the article right?
    It still provided better cooling and was acoustically superior due to it's use of thicker steel construction.
    33% thicker then the other cases in the test and you can throw any similiarly priced Thermaltake case in there as well cuz their cases use cheap ass steel too.
    I looked at everything in the store when i bought my 300 and there is no competition for $50.
    The sale on the Illusion is over $40 dollars yesterday an unbelievable price now the regular is on for $50 today only.
    Personally i would never pay more then $50 for a 300 that's all they cost up here in Canada.
    Newegg is a little off on some of their regular pricing imo.
    The 300 is worth $50 and if you have or buy a modular psu half the battle is over when it comes to cable management.
    I agree it could be better but if you have another $20 the CM 690II is worth every penny.
    As i said before i replaced my 300 with one and it was a big improvement.
    The CM690II is huge inside and has excellent cable management and is very well constructed.
    Its painted inside and has 2 tool less OD bays and all the drive bays are tool less side mount.
    The CM 690II is easily the best case at the $70 mark and has free shipping at the moment something that won't last it's a heavy case.
  5. Using antec 300 for 1 year ...no probs till now, looks & quality r as if a $100 case..
  6. The Coolermaster Centurion 590 is a very good general purpose pc case. A few years ago I built a half dozen pc's using the 590. My customers were very satisfied. However, if you are going to be playing games, then I would recommend the Antec 300 over the CM 590.
  7. JohnnyLucky said:
    " if you are going to be playing games, then I would recommend the Antec 300 over the CM 590."

    For gaming?why?
  8. Aneesh@4GHz - better ventilation, airflow, and cooling.
  9. I'm going to be building a new gaming comp in the fall. I intend to use the Antec 300. Cable management shouldn't be a deal breaker, seeing as the case doesn't even have a side window. ;p
  10. JohnnyLucky said:
    Aneesh@4GHz - better ventilation, airflow, and cooling.

    OK Thanks!
  11. What about the Coolermaster USP100 ?
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