Trying to install OS on my new build-No Drives Found! HELP ASAP!!

Hi, I FINNALLY almost finished my build, after around 13 hours of doing it. I was just so excited...until i tried booting it up and installing windows... I turned it on, everything was good, i went to the BIOS settings to see if everything was good, it was. So i put in my Windows 7 OS CD into the DvD Drive, it detects it, and starts the installation...Im excited af. Then it gets to Where Do You Want To Install Windows To? or something like that, (Sorry im not saying the exact thing, laptop is in a different place then my desktop and im to lazy to go check :p) And to select a drive, then at the bottom it says No Drives Detected and a Browse and other buttons. I tried re-booting and all. i just cannot figure it out! Please Help! Heres my build:

Thanks a LOT
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  1. Turns Out The Thing You plug the SATA cord into is broken on the hard drive. anyone know if ncix will replace it, since it came like that?
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