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I know this isn't much of an upgrade, but at the moment I'm saving up for a nice Intel I7 or AMD Phenom II system. But right now money is tight so I gotta work with what I have. For the time being, I have a acquaintance who will sell me either an older Core 2 duo E6300 (i think its 6300) for like 60 bucks or an older Pentium D 930 (i think it's 930) for 35$. Both are dual core which I need right now.

I am operating off of an Intel Celeron D right now (single core). While I save money I thought I'd throw in one of those cheaper CPU's to last me for the next several months.

Most likely I'll just go with the Pentium D so I can stash the money for the big rig, but I want to know if anyone has knowledge on whether I can just basically plug and play with either of those. Remove the celeron and add the pentium. Use the same heatsink and throw some new thermal paste on there and I'll be good to go. Or do I need to purchase a new heatsink? I just read a thread about someone upgrading and getting problems and am just hoping that something like that doesn't happen to me. I'm not an expert lol. Thanks for your time. BTW my mobo is an ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA that can be found here:
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  1. Since you have an old celeron, odds are your motherboard will not support the e6300 at all, go to the motherboard manufacturer website and look up the cpu support list.

    The pentium D is a waste of $35, hold on and keep saving.
  2. Yes the e6300 will work, and it would be a huge upgrade.
  3. Don't make multiple threads with one subject,follow the discussion here
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