1500, movie/poker system

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:so i don't really play games anymore. i'm really into movies and television, and i have well over 5 gb now. i have multiple questions and would like any suggestions if any of you guys could help me. well i guess i'll break down what i want and maybe we can come up with a proper solution.

i want lots of hd space, prob 10gb at least, a quiet computer, something to potentially hook up to a hdtv. i'm wondering if i should build a giant htpc and use the tv as my monitor or if i should build a separate desktop and have another computer hooked up to a tv that can stream the movies from my desktop. i imagine this can be done. i want to make sure though that 1080p playback is smooth and doable. anyway i'm currently leaning to a desktop/laptop combo where i can store everything on a desktop and just use a laptop to stream movies from my desktop to tv. so what kind of laptops are recommended?

light gaming would be a plus. but i imagine sc2 and d3 to take minimal resources

also i would like a very quiet computer XD really important

so some of my concerns stem from a power supply with long enough power cables for all hard drives, proper cooling, etc

i'm not the most computer savvy person but after watching a friend build his computer and taking apart my own, i feel comfortable building. but still am a little bit confused about all the socket types, ram types, mobo types :P

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: within the next 2 months

BUDGET RANGE: about 1500 dollars before rebates. am willing to go over but obviously less is better

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: mouse, keyboard, monitor, although suggestions are more than welcome

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: as stated, Movies, media, decent gaming and poker (i think requires lots of ram potentailly)

PREFERRED WEBSITE FOR PARTS: newegg is king, but definitely willing to shop any other website


OVERCLOCKING: something easy for beginners. i've read lots of the tom's hardware guides but it seems somewhat risky. i would not mind trying to overclock.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: i will be purchasing a 27 or 30 inch monitor shortly

ty for all the help! i hope my English is sufficient!
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  1. mahklshane said:
    and i have well over 5 gb now.
    i want lots of hd space, prob 10gb at least
    5GB and 10GB isn't much these days. Did you 5TB and 10TB (terabytes, not gigabytes)?
  2. "SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: as stated, Movies, media, decent gaming and poker (i think requires lots of ram potentailly) "

    Frankly, seeing no intense resource/GPU hungry FPS/RTS gaming there i would think your project could either be concluded at a far lower price point of if you are an audiophile, channelling funds to get the quality of sound as per your desires hehe
  3. If you meant 5-10TB and not GB and depending on how comfortable you are with computers, I would recommend analyzing the networking in your home and considering a NAS solution. It would allow you to easily upgrade storage space and stream the content across your entire household.

    Right now I use a NAS system to watch and record tv, movies, internet movies/tv, through htpcs in my bedroom, living room, and loft.

    I agree with batuchka that you could do for a lower cost. I would stick with the 5000 series ATI video cards as they produce and decode better and newer codecs then other cards. This will keep sound and video quality up assuming you have a decent sound card and a program that takes advantage of the GPU.
  4. yes yes i meant terabytes XD

    ty for all your helpful replies i will go over these suggestions.

    i send good karma your way!
  5. i imagine NAS to be some sort of server?
    how much do they cosT? pros/cons of it being separate from your computer?
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