5870 static and VPU recovery.


Need help finding the cause for a sudden issue with my 2-month old Asus 5870. Today, while in-game, it suddenly froze and then I crashed out to the desktop. I got one of those VPU recovery messages.

Now I can't play any games at all. COD4, MW2, L4D2, BFBC2, etc... every single game runs into the same problem. As soon as the card switches from 2D to 3D mode, I get a bunch of blocky pixel static floating around the intro screens. If I can get it going long enough to get into a game, the same thing happens, plus my framerate is atrocious -- think 3fps in COD4... Inevitably, I start looping VPU recovery message and/or the game freezes...

I've uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers. I've ran DXDIAG, which didn't point out any problems. I downloaded and ran the DX Websetup app, which applied a lone patch from Feb, but nothing more than that.

Looking for suggestions...

Intel i7 920
Asus P6T
Asus HD5870
OCZ GameXstream 700W PSU
Kingston HyperX 6GB 1600 Triple Channel
2x WD Caviar Black (640+500)
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  1. Download program called CPU-Z:

    and GPU-Z:

    See what is your system temps...

    Have another computer? You can try in another computer to make sure whether the card is broke or not...
  2. Sorry for the delay in replying. Was out of town.

    Temps are fine. At idle all system temps (CPU, GPU, etc) are all in the low 30's (31-32). Airflow isn't a problem - Antec 900 case, lots of air movement. 2 front 120mm intakes, 1 side 120mm intake (blowing fresh air right onto the 5870), a 200mm exhaust up top, and another 120mm exhaust on the rear, plus the PSU exhaust.

    I can't really get a good reading on Load temps right now, because the card is glitching out too much.

    O/S is Win7 x64.

    It had been running fine all day, and then randomly started freezing/recovering halfway through the day. In other words, I know all the drivers, etc were working at the start of the day, and then part-way through the day whatever quit working quit working while the system was up and had been known to be functional... actually while I was in a game, which is why I'm thinking hardware more than software/drivers.

    I just let my comp run Memtest all night. I got 14hrs wall time and no errors.

    I have an older x1950xt kicking around that I guess I'll have to give a try with. If the 1950xt works (and I'll try it with both of the PCIE connectors), then I guess all that's left is to go grab a Multi-Meter and check the 12V rails? If the rails are OK, then I'm thinking it really must be the card?

    Any other suggestions?

    EDIT -----

    Just downloaded and tried Video Memory Stress Test on a suggestion from another forum. It started generating continual errors after only 20 seconds or so of run time.

    Sounds like the Video card? Would testing the 12V rails be redundant at this point?
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