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Sorry, I looked at a lot of threads around, but didn't find the right answer. My machine is less that a year old. I installed 6 GB because at the time I wasn't sure if I was going to go 64 bit or not. I ended up sticking with 32. Anyways, I read 6.00 GB (2.49 GB usable). I know I can't access all 6, but even my laptop (which is 32 bit and only 4 GB) says 3.25 GB usable.
I originally ran memtest when the system was built, so I assume everything was seated correctly. But maybe if a chip was bad, it just never checked it (but I think I remember it doing both). Just wanted to check before I started checking sticks. (And I'm not using an onboard video card)
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  1. I'm pretty sure you'll need a 64-bit OS to use all that RAM
  2. But I should still be using more than 2.49
  3. ya u shud be able to use 3.25GB with 32bit. try to remove clean and reinstall RAM i m having same prob after taking out ram while installing my cpu cooler but don knw how to fix this issue i hav win 7 x64
  4. I removed and cleaned. I even doubled checked the manual to make sure they were in the right slots. It's weird. I tested just 2 chips and system properties said
    4 GB (2.49) usable. So whether it has 4 or 6, it still says only 2.49 available.
  5. Yes, 32-bit should be able to use 3.25, but you still would want to switch to 64-bit. This is kind of puzzling, if you were using on-board graphics I could understand why it's only using 2.49, but you're not.
  6. I appreciate the advice. I wasn't sure if I was going 32 or 64, so I just went with the 32bit. I just decided for my needs to use the 32bit.
  7. hey did u installed the win 7 service pack1?? i started having this prob when i did that but i don think SP1 can be the reason but just wanted to knw
  8. No, I have not done the service pack yet.
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