Trying to make purchases, but confused by procsesor skus?

Whats the difference between these two?


The thing is Id like to buy my cpu from amazon, better return policy instead of cpu replacement only policy, and i was wondering if it matters about the sku? or are these the same?

I am purchasing a ASRock 870 Extreme3 AM3 motherboard, so is there a difference or will they both fit?
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  1. exactly the same
  2. ah ok thanks bud.
  3. SKU = stock keeping unit. Which will vary from store to store.
    You want to compare AMD Part numbers like: HDZ955FBGMBOX
  4. ok they have different part numbers tho? what does that mean?
  5. You're right;
    In this case it looks like one is a typo.

    @ TigerDirect it shows HDZ955FBGMBOX in two places and HDZ955FBGIBOX in another place.
  6. oh ok but they should be the same thing right? id like to order from amazon. the one i listed?
  7. yes its the same EXACT thing :) just order it already :P
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