New HDD not showing up in computer management but shows in device mana

hey there,

I just picked up a 1tb sata drive, and after having boot issues with having it hard connected I decided to connect via usb to format before getting back to the original problem... however this spawned a new problem. My computer reads the device attached, tells me it installed fine, however it isn't showing up in my computer, so i right click and go to computer management, but down at disk management it isn't showing up in the list, so obviously I cant format it.

any possible thing i'm missing, or forgot to do? I'm just tryingt o format it and setup partitions, but apparently I cant even do that.
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  1. just an FYI,

    It is a seagate drive, and it is showing up in seatools. it is showing up in device manager, it is showing up in system info under disks, but not under drives (which I'm assuming is because it hasnt been formatted or given a label yet ) it is also showing up under usb section of system information (which makes sense as it is plugged into the usb port)
  2. Ok, I managed to figure out what I was doing wrong... I didnt expand the computer manager window, so the only drives I saw were up in the top field, I didnt realize it was showing up on the bottom. But there it was, right click, new partition, bingo.

    Hope this helps anyone else that has my attack of the dumb.
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