Do I need to format a new Hard Drive for Win 7 if already preformatted

I wondering if its necessary to format a new 1 or 2 TB hard drive, like WD or Samsung, if the drive already comes pre-formatted with NTFS file system. I'm plan to use the drive on a Windows 7 system.

My concern is sector errors which may have occurred during transit in the postal system. I mean how do I know if a new preformatted hard drive is good after I get it via postal mail delivery (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc), if I don't format first, even if its already preformatted when I get it?

I wish someone could comment of this because I have had drives with sectors errors and now I'm overly concerned about the issue.
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  1. 99% of the time no format is necessary when pre-formatted. So long as the Install button is not greyed out and it doesn't force you to after pressing it, everything is good. (It will not format without permission.)
  2. That makes me feel a lot better! Thanks for your comment.
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