Same 5770, same box, same P/N, but they dont look the same? is this ok

ok i bought 2 visiontek 5770s and they came in the same exact box but when i opened them one looked like a generic ATI 5770, is there something wrong here and do i contact visiontek about it???

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    check the info on the cards in GPU-Z, if they don't show any difference hardware wise, i wouldnt worry about it.
  2. Just try CrossFire both of your cards and check it with GPU-Z or just play some games...
    If you find something happened then you can RMA your card.
    Still on warranty, right?
  3. i just got it yesterday at bestbuy
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  5. One is thinner than the other and it has got only one DVI slot. I guess the thicker one was made earlier because earlier 5770 series cards were thicker occupying two slots at the back of the PC case. I would RMA the thicker one in a cross-fire environment because it is an earlier model.
  6. used GPUz to check specs, they are exactly the same except for the BIOS, they are both Juniper i would have preferred the black thicker one having 2 Crossfire headers opening up for triple crossfire because the crimecraft one only had one crossfire header
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