[Troubleshooting] Hypertransport Sync Flood Error + Sound Error

I need help on my system. It's quite a new build, around 3-4 months.

I am getting two errors, which actually happened before a number of times. I was busy then to find out but now I am free, I am determined to find a solution.

1. I am getting a hyper-transport sync flood error. Usually when I am playing games. I Googled for a solution though much of these are left unanswered or at least ambiguously answered. They say it is because of voltage problem of RAM, is it true? Would someone would kindly help me configure it to it's optimal value? Or point me to a other solution?

2. Sometimes when I am playing games, after a while (1-2 hours playing) the game would stutter and then the sound will become stuttered too. The game still works fine just the sounds become annoying. Like a broken record. To remove this problem I need to restart, though there's an error when shutting downs. It says "Waiting for explorer.exe to play logoff sound...". If I leave it to wait it won't shut down. I need to force shutdown. I updated my sound driver to the latest driver last three weeks, after that it was ok but then it happens again. Does anyone knows why?

3. Is it normal for my type of processor to go around 50°C?

First of all this is my system:

Using Windows 7 Ultimate.
BIOS value are all set to default, except MSI Green Power disabled, and AMD Cool 'n Quiet disabled.
Using a CM500W power supply.
OC-ed using MSI Quick OC by 10%, though I turned it off. OC or not it's the same.

I hope I can get some help over this matter or some information. Sorry if I got the section wrong.
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  1. is the 50C @ idle or during gaming. If you're worried about temps, stop OCing or get a better cooler.

    You cna go to your RAM manufacturers website and find your RAM to find out what the manufacturer recommends for voltage, then adjust it to that voltage in your BIOS.
  2. Also run memtest86 like 5x to see what it comes up with. Might be a bad stick of RAM
  3. I don't really monitor the temp much, though I stopped OC-ing already. It was just to tryout the OC Switch. Just wondering about the temp.

    I'll tryout the Memtest86. I asked MSI already waiting for their answer.

    Thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Well if it's 50C @ IDle then yeah thats high, if it's 50C at load then you're fine. I believe for that chip max is around 60C
  5. Ran Memtest86 and passed. It says no error.

    Waiting for answers from MSI and Kingston. On the other hand anyone knows about the sound prob?
  6. Onboard sound or Sound card?

    Also did you get your voltage information for your specific RAM from the Kingston support page?
  7. Nope. They didn't list it... I did e-mail the support team.

    Onboard Realtek ALC889
  8. YOur RAM is listed as DD3-667. Whats the deal with that?
  9. It seems I searched with the wrong keyword. This is my ram: [Link]

    It says 1.5V so is it correct?
  10. If it says 1.5V then thats what you need to set it at. But let's go back to my last question. Why is your RAM showing DDR3-667? That isn't a normal speed for DDR3 RAM
  11. You mean this? The 666.7MHz thing?

    I seriously don't know. I haven't change any settings for the bios... Maybe because of that? I'll try to list the settings A.S.A.P..
  12. I can't see images at work, I know it's a pain but be sure to type it all out if you can.
  13. Sorry for the late reply, I've been really busy. The Hypertransport error does not occur anymore every since my last reply although the sound problem still persist. Thank you for your help.
  14. This is weird, the hyper-transport error is happening again. Though this time it happens when I am playing Warcraft only. I wonder why?

    Anyway, from these forum it says it's a problem with the voltage.


    I still haven't got any reply from Kingston (since last time), so I think I might do another report to them.
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