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Best GPU upgrade, given limitations

Hi guys, my components are as follows:

Silverstone ST50F-ES 500W 80+ (34A on 12V)
AMD PhenomII X4 945 (3.0 Ghz)
Asus M2N68-AM SE2 AM2+ ----> planning to upgrade to ----> MSI 890FXA-GD70
2x 1GB Kingston DDR2 667MHz ----> planning to upgrade to ----> 2x 2GB Kingston DDR3
Gonna add an additional 250GB SATA HDD (or maybe an SSD)
nVidia 9400GT 1GB ----> planning to upgrade to ----> ATi 5770/nVidia GTS250/nVidia GTX460

assuming i have 34A * 12V = 408W; then subtracting my CPU 408W - 140W = 268W and
given my upgrades, what would you suggest as a good upgrade for my GPU?
My choices are limited: only 5770 (i might xfire), GTS250 (if i dont have much money), or GTX460 (if i do get some money).

I have a 20" monitor capable of 1600x900, and i would mostly play games like wow, Civ 5 (when it comes out), and do some photoshop/video editing, daily internet etc.

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  1. GTX 460 wins hands down, Otherwise go for 5770. Are you not considering a 5850?
  2. I know it's odd but i have no access to other cards. feel free to suggest any other card that would fit well with the limitations i have for my GPU though.

    i'll try to acquire them through international websites (which i have no experience with). but if i had to choose locally, my choices are limited to 5770 (those are the strongest ati cards available) while 460 is the strongest nvidia available. i put in a 250 cuz ive been eyeing it for a while. laughs.

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    Definitely go for a GTX 460 as I said before, Best answer :whistle:
  4. the 460, while very respectable, in my opinion wont give me a very nice upgrade path considering im getting an xfire mobo.. unless 460 sli can work on the mobo i plan to get? is this possible?

  5. No you cannot SLi it, but if you so intent on Xfire I'd recommend you buy atleast a 5850 to start of with...
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