CPU reseat without changing the thermal paste!

This is my first computer build. I read and research as much as possible before I started building my computer.

CPU:AMD Phenom II X6 1055t
Video Card: ASUS Radeon HD 5770
RAM: G.Skill 4GB
OS: Window 7 64-bit
Case: RaidMax Quantum
PSU: RaidMax 700watt
HDD: Samsung F3 500GB
DVD Drive: Samsung 24x

Everything was fine except for a damage on the corner of my DVD drive (It came damage from newegg.com, but the damage didn't show after I install it on my case. So no biggy.) But while I was installing the CPU heatsink, one of the connector hinge was on the inside of the heatsink socket. So I try to take off the heatsink to move the hinge into prosition, but it didn't want to come off nicely. When I finally got it off, I saw that some of the thermal compound of my sock AMD heatsink had come off and where on the CPU. The size that came off was about 1/4, maybe less, of the thermal compound that was on the heatsink. I quickly fixed the hinge and put the heatsink back in the socket. Under 1 minute of taking it off and putting it back on. My question is: would this quick reseating of the heatsink cause my heatsink to not work correctly? This all happen BEFORE I turn the computer on for the first time. (I was happy that everything ran on my first boot, on my first computer build. WOOT!) I get a reading of 42C - 45C in BIOS doing nothing but just letting the computer run in BIOS. Some people said that temperature is normal for sock heatsink at idle. However, will I have a problem in the long run, because I may have caused air bubbles? Or can I only get air bubbles if I turn on the computer than take off the heatsink and put it back on without applying new paste? I'm hoping this computer will last me 5 years. I'll be using it for college work, encoding video and free-to-play MMO gaming. I would also like to know if I should remove the paste and apply new paste. If I do have to do that then I'll most likely get a aftermarket heatsink. I'm looking at Cooler Master 212+ at the moment. Any advice would be great. And if you done this before, LOL, please let me know what I would be excepting in the future. I just want some peace of mind (CPU cost $200, I do not want it to overheat on me after a few months), been stressing over this heatsink thing all day since I build the computer that I did not even get to enjoy it. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I haven't had any problems with mine; reapplied the heatsink without new grease. It may run a couple of degrees warmer, but not enough to worry about.
  2. It wont cause any problems.. If you wish to, just spread the thermal grease already existing on the CPU and the base of the heatsink evenly and then lay the heatsink over the CPU..
  3. He's got it installed and running, I'd say leave it as it is now,
    unless you want to be triple sure and redo the whole thing, which would involve cleaning old paste and getting new paste,
    dont worry, just go play Evony hehe
  4. Thanks for the helps guys. Sorry for my slow reply, I went out and got myself the Corsair h50. I did not like my cpu and mobo temps reading in BIOS.
    CPU - 44C idle
    Mobo - 37C idle
    When I ran Microsoft Security Essentials to scan an old ex. hard drive (which took about 3 long boring hours because old drive ran slow), temps ran at:
    CPU - 52C (not 100% load, used like two core of the six I have and it was like 13% load)
    Mobo - 38C
    Been busy installing my new Corsair H50. Right now while typing this, my temps are:
    CPU - 30C
    Mobo - 27C
    Sooooo, I'm pretty happy. I wanted something in around the 20C for CPU but I'm happy with what I'm getting with the Corsair H50 because it was under $100. Thanks again for the help guys. Later, I'm off to read more stuff on this forum.
  5. Quote:
    not bad.
    to be honest, you didn't have any real issue in the first place.
    just a matter of preference huh.?

    Yup, I agree with everyone who replied. You guys are right, my temps before where fine. I just read way too many forums about computers and getting jealous of all those people with under 40C idling on a aftermarket cpu cooler. LOL, so I ran out and got myself one. And I'm really satisfy with my temps reading that I'm getting now, even if it not in the 20C idling range. Even though I plan to never overclock, even while I'm gaming. I want the computer to last as long as possible. Thanks for all the replies. It's nice to know there are good people out there in the world willing to help.
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