HD4650 in a 300w power supply

I just got sold on (and like) an HD 4650 card and didn't realize until AFTER I installed it (and am loving it) that it was rated for 400w vs. the 300w power supply in my new HP desktop. I see a lot of chatter on the board that it might not be a problem.

Anyone know of any specific issues that should concern me, thus requiring me to return this card? Or any personal experiences that would prove otherwise?

I do a little MMO play (Champions Online) and use the 64-bit edition of Photoshop/Illustrator, but other than that, no really huge video card drains.

Thanks in advance!

Chicago, IL
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  1. I ran a HD 4650 on a 210 watt PSU easily, the card does not drain a lot of power. And my brother is currently running aa HD 5670 on a HP 300 watt PSU completely fine.
  2. Well, the in terms of ATi, anything below an HD 5670 or HD 4670 can run on a really small PSU - 300W included.
  3. I don't see it being an issue as the others have said the card used little power and the 300 watt supply you have should be fine.

  4. 4650 is a very low power card, so you will be fine with just 300W PSU... :)
  5. Ok. Thanks guys. Gonna go ahead and run with it. ;)

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