I need advice on how I should place my case fans?

I just ordered 2 side 120mm case fans. I already have a bottom front, a top, and a back case fan (came with the Rosewill Challenger case). I got them to make my GPU to run cooler when on a load (~70c load). The top fan is where my GPU is at. Should I make them so that it exhausts the heat that my GPU create? Or should I flip them and make them so that it blows air towards my GPU? Maybe the top one should blow air onto my GPU and the bottom one should blow the air out (or vice versa)?

xfx radeon hd 5850

The GPU gets overclocked slightly to 775/1125 when playing a game but I keep it at 725/1000 while doing anything else (because of the 10.7 CCC idle glitch that makes you idle at 400/1125 when you should idle at 157/300)

Other than that nothing is overclocked on my system
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  1. Top fans are always exhaust hot air rises.
    Cool air drops so your bottom fans should be intakes.
    I have an XFX 5850 and use CCC 10.4 cuz it's stable and perfect for single gpu applications idles at 157/300.
    All the CCC versions after 10.4 include the ramped up idle for dual gpu's and multiple monitors.
  2. The typical air flow for a case is front and sides are intake and rear and top are exhaust. In my experience side fans don't do a whole lot of good but, I would set them up to intake fresh air.
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