Which Graphic Card for 1600x900 Monitor?

:sarcastic: I have a monitor with 1600x900 display. I want to go for a graphics card . Currently i am having a ASUS-P5KPL-AM/PS mobo. E7400 processor and 4gb ram. So which graphics card will perform well on this system? I am a budget gamer who wants to play NFS Shift, FEAR2, FarCry2 . So kindly suggest me a card gamers!!!! I was opting for XFX 9800gt 512 mb. So please advice for ATI as well as NVIDIA which would be better as it is always confusing to decide between them.....................
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  1. HD 5770 will be a good choice.
  2. If you can spend a bit more the HD 5830 would be better, but otherwise the HD 5770 would be good.
  3. The HD 5770 will also offer you some of the best value for your dollar so it's probably your safest bet.

    This review for the one of the 5850 models shows how other cards compare to it in terms of performance per dollar. The 5770 is one of the better cards in that list and the best 5xxx series card as far as performance per dollar goes.


    Hope this helps solidify your resolve after all the 5770 mentions in this thread.
  4. HD5770 is the best card for your money...
    HD5770 is far more strong than 9800GT.
    What about your PSU? brand? model?
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