Which card? 150 to 230 price range.

hey - give an opinion?

which card:

SAPPHIRE 100297L Radeon HD 5830 1GB 256-bit GDDR5



XFX GS250XZDFU GeForce GTS 250 1GB 256-bit DDR3


this is for a hard gamer.

tried the Radeon 5770, & got Hyper Transport Sync Flood errors. nto sure if it was the card or something else, but i sent it back. in progress of figuring out if it was that or not.

amd athlon II 2.8 quad core
4 gigs ram
msi cheap motherboard (790x-G45)
450 (550?) watt power supply

doing a weird internal thing, might be the source of the hyper transport, so radeon 5770 isn't off the table.

again, hard core gamer (my friend) - think of what will last projectably for future games.

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  1. The HD5830 performs much better than the GTS250. Though if I were you, I'd rather save up. You need a PSU with 2x 16+A on 2 12-volt rails, or a single rail with 29a or more. The HD5850 isn't much more than the HD5830, and it uses less power and gives more performance

    Ultimately the HD5830, though.
  2. at that price range you could get a GTX260 with 216 cuda cores for $200 with free shipping. that card has really good performance but requires 2 pcie cords and 500w power supply, though TOM'S power supply section says it can run off a good 450w power supply.

  3. 260 or another 5770.

    5830 is the worst card. Myswell save up the extra little bit of cash and get a 5850.
  4. You said that you are Hard Core Gamer, right?
    So tell us what is your PSU? brand? model?
    And save more and get HD5850... That's what i called HARD CORE GAMER... :D
  5. There is NO reason for anyone to get a GTX260 unless it's under $110.
  6. well, i wrote a reply, but it got deleted.

    wa1: i said my friend is, man ;) the psu is a OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY 550W ATX12V v2.2 / EPS12V SLI Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply.

    now, in general response: i hear ya, 5830 is not a good performance:price ratio - here's the deal: i got a Hyper Transport Sync Flood error, when i plugged a wireless adapter direct into the motherboard (inner mounting). it was for keeping the internet adapter inside (not looking to make this thread about that: focus on the card issue) - but the point i am making, i am not sure (having read on it i think it's a mainboard voltage issue) whether it's the card or that voltage issue or something else. if it WERE the mainboard voltage (set in BIOS), then i could happily buy another 5770, which seems good, if not best for my price range. the other factor in shopping, is i am in a timecrunch, looking to coimplete this ASAP, this problem has already set me back like 2 weeks, & my friend is getting impatient. i am not sure if i want to risk ordering another 5770 & then find out it was that, & have to send back another again..

    SO - anyone have any ideas, besides the GTS 250 or 5830/5850? i am trying to stick in the $150 >= $230, but i can bend a little.

    anyone who knows anything about the Hyper Transport Sync Flood error (note to any googlers - this thread doesn't provide much on it, other than "it seems to be a mainboard voltage setting issue, corrected in the bios. search "Hyper Transport Sync Flood motherboard voltage BIOS" to see what i mean) anyone who knows about that error would be mucho appreciated, senor/ita. to the rest of yas, any card recommendations?
  7. yes - performance to rice ratio =P i meant performance : price - it took " : " " p " as "stick your tongue out" .. so. i realize the 5830 is not a good performance to price ratio, you guys are saying.
  8. The OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY 550W (by Sirtec/Sinfa) can handle a 5850 graphic card without any problem. If he likes gemes a lot, overclock that Regor cpu and buy a 5850.
    Anyway the 5770 has an unbeatable price nowadays...
  9. thanks for the reply Henry - i will consider the 5770 again. i will maybe start a thread on the Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error - that would bail me out, as far as having to pick out a new card.
  10. Petey1013 said:
    260 or another 5770.

    5830 is the worst card. Myswell save up the extra little bit of cash and get a 5850.

    The HD5830 isn't that bad of a buy at $210 after MIR, especially if you overclock the card(can get 1ghz like the HD5850/70.) Certainly a better choice than the GTX 260 at it's current prices.

    @OP: Have you tested the system with any card other the HD5770?
    What is the native resolution of the monitor?
  11. thanks jyjjy: no - haven't had a chance. was just digging for another video card. maybe i should pull it out of this one. i'd be happy if it was a voltage issue - then i could shadowrun with a 5770 again =P

    responses welcome
  12. Yeah, if it gives you the same issue then you know it's not the card that is the problem.
  13. My vote also goes to 5770. I've got the regular XFX version, it does a great job playing games. At $180, it's easy on the wallet too. The 5830 isn't bad, but it's performance is closer to a 5770 than a 5850. For the 5830's price, you might as well splurge and get the 5850.
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