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hey i have a wireless d-link router that i am trying to use as a dummy switch for 4 PS3's. I am in afghanistan and i have no internet capabilities. they can all connect to the router but when i try to create a game on per say cod4 or cod waw two of them recognize eachother and the other two recognize eachother but all four will not connect together can anyone help me out with this?
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  1. When you set up the networking on the PS3s, you need to select custom, and go through the wired section, until you get to UPnP. Turn that off. Also, if you have access to the router web page for configuration, disable UPnP within that just to make sure. PS3 has issues with UPnP and multiple Ps3s on the same network. Are you on an old firmware? I work with these machines in a network lab, we thought this problem was fixed a while ago.
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